Welcome to School

Hello boys and girls in Mrs Thomas’ class. My name is the Gruffalo. I have a question for you all to think about. In my story there are four animals living in the woods with me. They are mouse, fox, owl and snake. I want to know which animal you like best and why. I look forward to hearing from you.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to School

  1. Hello Gruffalo,

    My favourite animal in the story is the mouse. I like him the best because he is clever and tricks all the animals in the wood.

    Mrs Walton

  2. Hello Gruffalo,

    Fancy being tricked by a little mouse!!
    I think the mouse was very brave and was able to think
    of a clever way to trick the Gruffalo and so he has to be my favourite too!

    Mrs Whitehouse

  3. I like the mouse as he is clever and wise. He tricks the animals when he is in the woods so he does not get eaten.He tricks the Gruffalo as he says everyone is afraid of me,but they’re really afraid of the Gruffalo.

  4. I like all the animals.

    I like the owl because he has orange eyes and the fox because he is orange. Orange is my favourite colour in the rainbow.
    I like the snake because he is green and that is Grandad’s favourite colour.

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