Let’s write a story!


Dear Children,

I have a new challenge for you. Can you help me write a story? I have attached a picture to go with it. I will write the beginning. Can you add what happened next, one after the other?

From the Gruffalo

One day I was walking through the woods, when I spotted the delicious mouse. I was just about to scoop him up and eat him, when he told me he had a surprise for me…

3 thoughts on “Let’s write a story!

  1. The Mouse and the Gruffalo saw some nuts high up. “How are we going to get them?” said the Gruffalo. The Mouse said “I have some special balloons we can use.” The Mouse held one balloon and he tied one to each of the Gruffalo’s horns. The Mouse went up a little bit and came down. The Gruffalo went up, and up, and up, and flew away. Clever Mouse, he tricked the Gruffalo again!

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