Rescue Stickman!

This week we have been thinking of ways to rescue a teddy stuck in a stream. The children thought we could use a boat, a fishing rod, a fishing net, a lasso or a dog could retrieve it.

I would like the children to now imagine Stickman has got stuck in a tree, and the Gruffalo’s Child can’t get him down. Can the children suggest how she could do this?

Mrs Thomas


6 thoughts on “Rescue Stickman!

  1. The Gruffalo’s child could call for a giant frog who can jump up into the tree, and the stickman can jump on his back and get down.

  2. Ellis thinks she should wake her daddy up to help, then she would climb on to his shoulders and reach up and get the stickman down.

  3. ‘If there was another tree next to it, the Gruffalo’s child could climb up and knock it down with another big stick.’

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