Vet Visit


This week Lisa the vet visited our class. We thought of some questions we wanted to ask her. We found out she has three dogs. One of them won best of breed at Crufts! We also found out she once treated a tiger with a bad tooth. We were surprised to hear she is scared of snakes.

My challenge for the children this week is…
Can you think of a question you would like to ask the Gruffalo?

8 thoughts on “Vet Visit

  1. Hello Gruffalo, I would like to know is your child famous?

    Love Lili Mae

    Hi Lili Mae,

    My child is famous. An author has written a story about her. Do you know it? It is called ‘The Gruffalo’s Child.’

    From the Gruffalo

  2. ‘Is there any food you don’t like? I don’t like spicy peppers or mushrooms.’

    Hi Alara,

    I used to like eating mice, but I have had so much trouble trying to catch one, it is the last thing I want to eat.

    From the Gruffalo

  3. Hello Gruffalo,

    What is your favourite colour and do you have any pets?

    Hi Mia,

    My favourite colour is purple, like the prickles on my back. I don’t have any pets, but every morning I like to sprinkle bird seed outside my cave, and watch the birds have something to eat.

    From Gruffalo

  4. Hello Gruffalo,

    What is your favourite cake? Mine is chocolate cake!

    Hi Maisie,

    That is a good question. I love cake. My favourite cake is Black Forest Gateau.

    From Gruffalo

  5. Hello Gruffalo

    Do you like playing board games?
    I like playing planes monopoly.

    Hi Ellis

    My favourite game to play in the woods is Scavenger Hunt. One of the animals has to think of five things we have to find. The winner is the animal who finds the things first.

    From Gruffalo

  6. I would ask the Gruffalo…

    “How sharp are the prickles on your back?”

    William Civil

    Hello William,

    My prickles are as sharp as human teeth. I have to be careful not to lay on them when I fall asleep!

    From the Gruffalo

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