Summer term begins

Our theme is Under the sea.


We began this week with the story of “Tiddler, the story telling fish” by Julia Donaldson. Tiddler had many adventures in this book, can the children tell you what happened to him?
We received a postcard from Tiddler , can the children remember where he had been?

Mrs Lampard and Mrs Read

7 thoughts on “Summer term begins

  1. Tiddler sent a picture of Earth. He got caught in a net and the people let him go. I liked this story because I like fish and have some fish at my grandparents house

  2. I remember that tiddler said he had been in a treasure chest when he wrote to us.

    In the story tiddler went to school and got locked in a treasure chest

  3. Tiddlers postcard was from space ! He was scared when he went on his journey,someone scooped him up in a net but they said this fish is too small,and threw him in to the sea far far away from home !!

  4. Mihai like the story Tiddler because he have some fish in the house.mihai said Tiddler was always late to school because he was lived far away.Shark wants to eat tiddler.

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