A fishy tale



Our stories this term have been about the sea and the creatures that live there. We know that fish, jellyfish and octopuses live there. What other creatures live under the sea? Which one is your favourite?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Lampard and Mrs Read

9 thoughts on “A fishy tale

  1. I like dolphins and they live under the sea. I like it when they blow bubbles and they look nice and smooth.
    From Lilimae

  2. Violet likes star fish because they look like star but under the water . I would love to hold a star fish x

  3. Sea turtles live under the sea. I like them because I like their shells and their find that help them to swim.

    William civil

  4. Alfie’s favourite creature in the sea is a Sea horse. This is because of how they look and move and water, and he likes it when they blow small bubbles.

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