A cold freeze!

We came into school today and found that something strange had happened in the water tray overnight. All the sea creatures had become frozen in ice! How did that happen? What could we do to release the animals?

What would you do if it happens again. We need to be prepared!


From Mrs Lampard and Mrs Read

7 thoughts on “A cold freeze!

  1. How did that happen? -because in night been cold and freezing
    What could we do to release the animals? – put in the sun
    David 🙂

  2. We could leave the ice in a bowl of warm water and it would melt, Then the fish would have some where to swim.

  3. put them near a warm fire and the ice will melt.
    you could also break the ice with a hammer – mind your fingers!

  4. I would use an axe to break the ice into small bits then warm it up to melt quicker to save the sea creatures.

    If it keeps icing up at night I would take the sea creatures inside at night so they don’t freeze.

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