Who lives here?

Today in forest school we found a tiny door on one of the trees.
Who do you think could live there?
Maybe next time we should knock and see, or maybe we could leave a little note to ask some questions.
What do you think we should do?


from Mrs Read and Mrs Lampard

7 thoughts on “Who lives here?

  1. Mrs Read

    I think that door belongs to Tinkerbell from Peter Pan.

    Maybe we should look to see if she has left some fairy dust near to door next time we are at Forest School.

    Mrs Walton

  2. Lili mae thinks maybe it is a squirrel living there. If you leave nuts beside the door then the squirrel will eat them.

  3. Katy thinks its a squirrel because they live in trees and they eat nuts so she thinks that you should leave some nuts outside so that the squirrel will come out.

  4. I think Batman lives in there. Next time we go there I will knock and say “is anybody there?” And batman will say “hello, how are you today?” Mice and Bats live in there with Batman too”

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