Sunny Sunflowers!

Over the last two weeks we have been reading “Katy and the Sunflowers” by James Mayhew . Can you remember what happened in her adventure?

We have also been doing some lovely sunflower art. Can you remember who painted the picture we looked at? How did you make your sunflower?



From Mrs Lampard and Mrs Read

3 thoughts on “Sunny Sunflowers!

  1. Wow!! Well done Reception. I saw your pictures on Wednesday and I was really impressed! I especially liked the pictures that were created using the computers. You are so artistic! From Mrs Richards

  2. Vincent Van Gogh painted the sunflowers. I painted my sunflower with chalk. We have a Vincent Van Gogh book from the library.

  3. In Katy and the Sunflowers: “It was raining when she was planting a seed and then she went to the art gallery and her Nanny fell asleep and Katy wondered off on her own. Katy touched a sunflower picture and the sunflowers fell out and some girls were laughing and Katy jumped into the picture and their names were Maisie and Meme and Meme said she would only help if she could bring her dog and they went but the dog grabbed the sunflowers and the dog ran off and he jumped into another painting and they knocked a waiter over and they knocked a table and chair over and the waiter chased them to the art gallery. The waiter got lost and Meme and Maisie went into their own painting and Katy found another painting and went into it, it was a boat painting and then she jumped back into the art gallery. Then her Nanny was awake and she came back in time and told her that she loved the art gallery and she lived happily ever after.”

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