Meeting a Bog baby

This week we began to read “The Bog Baby” by Jeanne Willis. We talked about what the Bog baby looked like. Can the children describe him? In the story Bog baby is kept in a bucket. Later in the week we had a letter from the girls who had found him,

We began to think of how we could help and some of us made these homes,



What do you think we need to include? What would a bog baby eat?

Please help us.
Mrs Lampard and Mrs Read

2 thoughts on “Meeting a Bog baby

  1. Lilimae said the bog baby was squishy like jelly and he was blue. Maybe he would like to eat jelly he feels like he has no bones Lilimae said. She thinks he would like milk to drink. Lilimae also said he needs water as that’s where they found him swimming on his back in a pond. Dont feed him bread crumbs because that made him be sick.

  2. He would eat some bugs, like ladybirds and ants. He would need big sticks to live under to keep him dry and some straw to sleep on because it is soft. He could sit on stones. He can have water to drink because it is good for you and keeps you healthy, but he mustn’t have breadcrumbs as they make him poorly and he won’t be able to jump around anymore – he would hide underneath is pale shell.

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