Indoor P.E starts tomorrow

Just to let you know that Reception children will take part in their first indoor P.E session tomorrow so if your child does not have their P.E kit in school and on their peg, please bring it in tomorrow.

We will do indoor P.E every Thursday morning and your child only needs black shorts and a white t-shirt at this point in time. We will let you know when you will need to provide plimsols, but that will be nearer to next Summer.

Please also be aware, that although we try our best to ensure that children end up with the correct clothing on, the children are still learning and with 60 jumpers and 120 socks across the year group, they do occasionally end up mixed up and on the wrong child! (Just imagine your morning getting dressed routine, but with 60 children!!!).

To help, please make sure that all uniform and P.E kit is named and another useful idea is to mark your child’s shoes so they know which foot to put them on. For example on the inside of sole of each shoe put a dot of Tippex. The children soon learn that for the shoes to be on the correct feet the dots need to touch. Or, if your child knows their left from right and the sounds l and r, then write these on the inside of each shoe. Another idea could be to cut a favourite Superhero / Barbie etc sticker in half and put one half in each shoe, when the shoes are the correct way around your child will see a full picture.

Many thanks,

The Reception Team

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