Parents Information Sessions yesterday

Many thanks to all the parents who attended one of the two information sessions yesterday and for the positive feedback we received! If you were unable to attend, the handout has been sent home today.

Today, your child will have brought home with them all of the things we discussed, so please check book bags for:

Home School diary
2 reading books
Phase 2 Phonics booklet
Pink level high frequency words
Kinetic Letters alphabet formation

Regarding Tapestry Learning Journal, we will contact you, hopefully before the half term holidays with your login details. Please bare with us whilst we set this up for you, but as you can appreciate, it’s a massive admin job to set up 60 new users. It will be worth it in the end though and we’re really looking forward to you being actively engaged in your child’s school life and feel it will really support communication, especially for us parents who get the standard response for “What did you do at school today?” of “Nothing.” or “Just played.”

The Reception Team

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