P.E fun and games


Today we learnt a new game in P.E called Traffic Lights. We had to listen very carefully to instructions and act accordingly. “Red” means stop, “Amber” means walk around the room, “Green” means run in and out of all the spaces.

Mrs Richards tried to trick us by changing the instructions fast and slow and by saying some instructions really quietly to see if we were listening carefully. There’s no tricking us though as we were all fantastic! We proved that we can:
* Listen carefully and follow instructions
* Move around space safely and appropriately, not bumping into obstacles
* Change pace on a command

Also, we are getting really good at getting changed into our P.E kits! It only took 15 minutes to get all 60 children from Gruffalo and Simba classes changed ready for P.E and we had no mix ups with clothes (that we know about) that’s a fantastic achievement. Well done Reception!

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