Phonics for next week / Kinetic Letters / Numbers

In Phonics this coming week, we will be introducing the Tricky Words from Phase 2 to, the, no, go, I, into. These words can not be sounded out with the sounds that the children currently know and just need to be learnt as a whole word by sight.

We will also be teaching the sounds c / k / ck, e, u, r through the use of the Jolly Phonics songs, actions and stories and also through interactive games and sorting activities. By the end of the week your child will have been introduced to the sounds s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k,ck,e,u,r. (Don’t worry if your child doesn’t know all of these yet, as they will learn them at different rates.) Using these sounds we can build up these words:

s, a, t, p – at, a, sat, pat, tap, sap, as
i – it, is, sit, sat, pit, tip, pip, sip
n – an, in, nip, pan, pin, tin, tan, nap
m – am, man, mam, mat, map, Pam, Tim, Sam
d- dad, and, sad, dim, dip, din, did, Sid
g – tag, gag, gig, gap, nag, sag, gas, pig, dig
o – got, on, not, pot, top, dog, pop, Mog
c – can, cot, cop, cap, cat, cod
k – kid, kit, Kim, Ken
ck – kick, sock, sack, dock, pick, sick, pack, ticket, pocket
e – get, pet, ten, net, pen, peg, met, men, neck
u – up, mum, run, mug, cup, sun, tuck, mud, sunset
r – rim, rip, ram, rat, rag, rug, rot, rocket, carrot

You could use letters on card to build up some of the words above.

Kinetic Letters:

Now that we have learnt all of the movements that we use in Kinetic Letters, we will be beginning to teach the correct letter formation of the letters n, m and p from the ‘Jumper Family’. Ask your child about Skip (Scared monkey) and Bounce (Brave monkey) and the stories and actions that are linked to each letter formation.

We will also continue to work on correct pencil grip, core body strength, gross and fine motor skills.


We will be ordering numbers using number cards, interactive whiteboard games and other practical activities.

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