The week ahead


This week we will be learning the final sounds from Phase Two of Letters and Sounds, as follows:

Phase 2 Set 5 Letters and Words
Set 5 introduces seven graphemes (three of which are doubled letters), with 69 new decodable words suggested.

New “tricky” words: no, go and I.

had, him, his, hot, hut, hop, hum, hit, hat, has, hack, hug
but, big, back, bet, bad, bag, bed, bud, beg, bug, bun, bus, Ben, bat, bit, bucket, beckon, rabbit
f, ff
of, if, off, fit, fin, fun, fig, fog, puff, huff, cuff, fan, fat
l, ll
lap, let, leg, lot, lit, bell, fill, doll, tell, sell, Bill, Nell, dull, laptop
ass, less, hiss, mass, mess, boss, fuss, hiss, pass, kiss, Tess, fusspot


We will be using our sounds knowledge to write words to go with pictures and write simple sentences.


In our Reception environment we are focusing on measuring and ordering things smallest to largest in length and height. Also we are investigating 2D shapes, naming them and looking at the properties of shapes.

In number, we are focusing on numbers 0-20, ordering them and saying what is one more and one less than a given number.


It’s Stay and Play 8.45 – 9.15am on Wednesday, we hope to see you there. Gruffalo class will not be going to Forest School this week as it is the turn of Simba class, so you don’t need to bring in waterproofs etc.

Children in Need

Don’t forget it’s Children in Need on Friday – please see details in previous letter sent out.

Have a great week!
The Reception Team

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