The week ahead

This is the final week of our current topic and we are looking forward to welcoming you to our celebration event on Wednesday morning in the hall. This is instead of our usual Stay and Play, so instead we ask that you see your child into school as you would on a usual day so that we can register them. Then, please make your way around to the school’s front entrance and take a seat in the hall where we will join you all as soon as we are ready. We will be celebrating all of the children successfully completing their induction into life at Simon de Senlis and we will be awarding each of them with their house badge, either Yellow Wizard, Blue Knight, Red Unicorn or Green Dragon. We hope you can make it!

This week we continue to work on people and communities through play. We are also looking at different foods and discussing if they are healthy or unhealthy. For our Literacy focus we will be playing games that having a focus on rhyming words.


Following last week’s phonic assessment, we have split the children into three groups. Two of the groups will be consolidating Phase 2 sounds from different starting positions, one group will be moving onto Phase 3 of Letters and Sounds. All groups will continue to work on Tricky Words and also blending and segmenting (splitting sounds or putting sounds together) to read and write words using the sounds known.

Kinetic Letters

We will be practising the letter formations that we already know and learning new ones. Keep an eye on this blog and we will add new formations and how we say them throughout the week.


We are continuing on with recognising and ordering numbers. You could help at home by continuing to work on these skills – have a look at the targets that were given out last week at Parents Evening for you child.

Have a great week!

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