The week ahead…


This week we are going to be labelling diagrams by using our phonic skills to sound out the words. Our reading focus is going to be on checking the high frequency words which are related to the colour bands of reading and seeing if anybody is ready to move onto the next colour band.

Kinetic Letters

We will be revising the Window Cleaner family from last week and then moving on to learn letters y, j, f from the Fisher Family with stories using Skip Scared Monkey.


Mine / Mrs Read’s group – these children will be recapping all sounds learnt so far and will be learning the sounds igh (as in light) and oa (as in boat).

Miss Cookson’s group – these children will be recapping all sounds learnt so far and will be assessed on the Phase 2 sounds.

Mrs Walton / Miss Birch’s group – these children will be recapping all sounds learnt so far and will be learning the set 7 sounds y, z, zz,qu.


We are continuing on with the skills related to early addition. We will be using practical activities to find total numbers of objects and also be exploring how we can record our findings.

Stay and Play

Stay and Play is on this Wednesday from 8.45 – 9.15am, we look forward to welcoming you and the toddler / baby siblings who join us.

Forest School

This week it is the turn of Gruffalo class to go to Forest School. Please make sure your child has lots of warm clothing, a hat, gloves, warm socks for inside their wellies. It’s going to be cold!

Key skills

Last Friday, the children took home their Key Skills book with this term’s Home Learning and Key Skills activities in it. It has been lovely to see evidence of Home Learning activities being uploaded to Tapestry over the weekend. Thank you! Please remember to date the activity on the sheet in the book and if the evidence has been uploaded, rather than written in the book, then please write Tapestry next to the activity number so we can find it.

Have a great week!

7 thoughts on “The week ahead…

  1. Hi gruffalo class,
    Enjoyed finding the class blogs on the website.
    Look forward to completing the activitys that are in my key skills book.
    From Charlie B

  2. I am going to visit Easy Hunsbury library with my mum this Saturday and I want to find a book about dinosaurs.
    I am looking forward to it:)
    Dominic S.

  3. Hi, Gruffalo class.
    we are going to the liabary tomorrow and we are going to find a non-fiction book, I can wait for my new book. The problem is, what book to choose?
    Lucy W:)

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