The week ahead…


This week we are going to be focusing on writing throughout play. We will be writing instructions, lists, diagrams, labels whilst having fun playing! We are also continuing on with studying our special book ‘Mrs Armitage’s Wheels’ so we will be comparing an old style bicycle to a modern bike and will be labelling them and writing sentences about them.

Kinetic Letters

We will be continuing to learn the formation for the letters y, j, f from the Fisher Family with stories using Skip Scared Monkey.


This week we will be assessing all groups to see which of the Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds (learnt so far) have been retained to memory. We will also be seeing if your child is able to read words by sounding out and blending together the Phase 2 / 3 sounds. We will then be regrouping the children based upon letters / skills that need to be revised or which children are ready to progress onto new sounds and skills.


We are continuing on with the skills related to early addition. We have been using Lego to build two towers and then find the total number of bricks used. We then explored how we could record our sums using pictures and jottings. We will continue with this and then we will be progressing onto finding doubles of numbers.

Stay and Play

Stay and Play is on this Wednesday from 8.45 – 9.15am, we look forward to welcoming you and the toddler / baby siblings who join us.

Forest School

This week it is the turn of Simba class to go to Forest School.

Key skills

Don’t forget that the Key Skills books are collected in every Wednesday. Please place the book into the Gruffalo tray in the Reception cloakroom as you come in for Stay and Play. Even if your child has not completed one of the activities this week, we would still like them to get into the habit of handing their Key Skills book in weekly as we are preparing them for life further up the school. It has been lovely to see evidence of Home Learning activities being uploaded to Tapestry and also comments being left on Gruffalo blog. Thank you! Please remember to date the activity on the sheet in the book and if the evidence has been uploaded, rather than written in the book, then please write Tapestry / Blog next to the activity number so we can find it.

Have a great week!


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