The week ahead…


This week we are going to be writing sentences about our special book ‘Mrs Armitage’s Wheels’. We are focusing on starting a sentence with a capital letter and ending a sentence with a full stop. We will also be looking at ‘huddling’ letters together in words, but leaving a finger space between words.

Please see the photo at the end of the blog of two of our inventors engaging in the role play for ‘Mrs Armitage’s Wheels’ “What this bike needs is…”

Kinetic Letters

We will be rehearsing letters from the Fisher Family which we have learnt over the last couple of weeks and we will also be learning the letters k, v, w, x from the Slider family. k begins from Brave Bounce Monkey’s branch, but v, w and x begin from Scared Skip Monkey’s branch.


This week we will be finishing the assessments that we started last week. We will also be playing Tricky Words games and blending / segmenting reading games on the Interactive Whiteboard and then applying all of these skills to read phonic books on Bug Club. At home, you could help by practising the Phase 2 and Phase 3 Tricky words that are in the phonics booklets. Your child needs to be able to read these with instant recall and not try to sound them out.


We are continuing on with finding doubles of numbers and also addition / subtraction by finding one more and one less of numbers.

Stay and Play

Stay and Play is on this Wednesday from 8.45 – 9.15am, we look forward to welcoming you and the toddler / baby siblings who join us.

Forest School

This week it is the turn of Gruffalo class to go to Forest School.

Key skills

Don’t forget that the Key Skills books are collected in every Wednesday. Please place the book into the Gruffalo tray in the Reception cloakroom as you come in for Stay and Play. Even if your child has not completed one of the activities this week, we would still like them to get into the habit of handing their Key Skills book in weekly as we are preparing them for life further up the school. It has been lovely to see evidence of Home Learning activities being uploaded to Tapestry and also comments being left on Gruffalo blog. Thank you! Please remember to date the activity on the sheet in the book and if the evidence has been uploaded, rather than written in the book, then please write Tapestry / Blog next to the activity number so we can find it.

Have a great week!


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