The week ahead…

Chinese New Year

As you can see from the photos, this week we will be looking at how people celebrate Chinese New Year. On Monday we will be tasting prawn crackers, crispy seaweed, sweet and sour sauce and rice. We will be using our senses to say what the foods taste like, but also what they smell like, look like, feel like and if they make a sound when we bite into them. We will also be making paper lanterns, Chinese dragons and learning a part of a Chinese New Year dragon dance. One of our Gruffalo children has very kindly let us borrow some Chinese artefacts for us to look at in class.


This week we will be using the senses work from the taste testing to write sentences describing the foods. This work is also being used as pre teaching, ready for our next unit of work (which is top secret at the moment, but begins next Monday) and we will use our senses a lot during that theme.

Kinetic Letters

We have now learnt all of the letter formations for the lower case letters. We will continue to revise all of the letter families, but will be moving on to the correct number formation of numbers in the ‘Pushing numbers’ family – the numbers 2, 3, 5, 7. Please see our previous blogs to see how we write each letter and what we say to remind ourselves of the formation and we will add the number formations as we learn them.


Mrs Richards’ / Mrs Read’s phonics group – will be revising igh and oa sounds, as in the words light, sight, high and boat, float, throat. We will be focusing on applying spellings and tricky words in sentences and will be looking at developing sentence level skills too.

Miss Cookson’s group – these children will be revising h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss sounds. This group are learning to read the phase 2 tricky words and also use known sounds to segment and blend simple words.

Mrs Walton / Miss Birch’s group – these children are recapping the set 7 sounds y, z, zz, qu and are learning to read the Phase 2 and Phase 3 tricky words. They are also continuing to develop the skills to segment and blend known sounds for spelling.

At home, you could help by practising the Phase 2 and Phase 3 Tricky words that are in the phonics booklets. Your child needs to be able to read these with instant recall and not try to sound them out.


We are exploring different shapes in our areas this week and also continuing with adding. We will also be learning how to double a number and also share a number of items evenly.

Stay and Play

Stay and Play is more of a ‘Stay and Share’ this Wednesday from 8.45 – 9.15am as you are invited to come and have a look through the work that your child has been doing. The children are especially keen to show you their First of the Month writing books, where they complete a piece of writing during the first week of each month in the book and you can really see the progress that each child makes month on month. We look forward to welcoming you and the toddler / baby siblings who join us and just because we won’t be ‘playing’ this week, please do not worry about the young siblings wandering around or being noisy – we are used to noise in Reception and it’s just lovely to see the youngsters happy in the setting, which will make it easier for them (and you) when they start school in the future.

Forest School

This week it is the turn of Gruffalo class to go to Forest School.

Key skills and Home Learning

The Inventors Home Learning project (Activity 5 compulsory task) is due in this coming week. We will be sharing these throughout the week. Please see the below Home Learning photo if you can’t remember what this activity is.

Don’t forget that the Key Skills books are collected in every Wednesday. Please place the book into the Gruffalo tray in the Reception cloakroom as you come in for Stay and Play. Even if your child has not completed one of the activities this week, we would still like them to get into the habit of handing their Key Skills book in weekly as we are preparing them for life further up the school. It has been lovely to see evidence of Home Learning activities being uploaded to Tapestry and also comments being left on Gruffalo blog. Thank you! Please remember to date the activity on the sheet in the book and if the evidence has been uploaded, rather than written in the book, then please write Tapestry / Blog next to the activity number so we can find it.

Have a great week!




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