#WAKWHS2 Fun and celebrations

We have had a fantastic day today! It began with the reassembling of the court of Senlis and the knighting ceremony for Sir Simon of Senlis, then we entered school and carried out some medieval style activities including a juggling workshop with a royal jester named Kevin.

During the morning, Sir Simon and his guest Lady Arabella came into Reception so we could ask them questions about life in medieval times. The Reception children all wanted to know what Sir Simon would use his sword for!

At lunchtime we had a medieval banquet and feasted whilst Sir Simon and Lady Arabella sat eating at the top table with school dignitaries. It was an honour for Lady Arabella to join us, so during the banquet she was asked to say a few words, but as she addressed the feasters she was grabbed from behind and dragged from the great hall screaming, never to be seen again!

This afternoon we assembled in the great hall to try to solve the mystery of what happened to Lady Arabella. It was said that she was taken away by a man cloaked in black. Earl Rees was highly concerned for her safety and sent his servant Lutas to take a message to Sir Simon requesting that his first duty as a knight should be to go on a quest to find Lady Arabella and bring her back safely to the court of Senlis. What will happen next? Where do you think she has been taken? Who has got her? Will she return…





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