#WAKWHS Knight Simon’s message to the Earl of Senlis

The story continues…

Today we found a scroll that had been sent to the Earl of Senlis from Simon. However we found that there were pieces of the message missing. Simon told us he was in safe harbour, but we did not know where his ship was. He also spoke of Lady Arabella but again, her location was missing from the scroll. We had a class discussion and came up with ideas about where Lady Arabella might be and where Simon’s ship might be in harbour. These are some of our thoughts:




8 thoughts on “#WAKWHS Knight Simon’s message to the Earl of Senlis

  1. Harry and his Mummy visited East Hunsbury Library to learn more about Pirates
    Harry found books called
    The Pirate Code and Peg Leg
    He has enjoyed reading the books and playing pirates this weekend them this weekend.

  2. Great ideas reception i love the idea of her trapped in MC Donald’s because she could be trapped in the utility room tied up. My brother thinks that she is trapped in robot land. My idea is that the industrious is near to Lady Arrabella but Simon does not know it and she is trapped in a cave under the sand.

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