#WAKWHS2 the story continues in Gruffalo class

Last week we had a very exciting assembly, where we experienced Sir Simon’s good ship Industrious sinking. We then discovered a seascape inside our school, where a boat was found beached.

This week we have had some exciting developments! Whilst on our usual Monday morning show around the setting and looking at the new activities, we discovered a message in a bottle within our outside area sandpit. Excitedly, we read the message which was a riddle…

A clue you will find,
Washed up ashore,
Tangled and twined,
…….. (The last part was damaged and torn from the message).

The children were really excited and they soon suggested that we should go to the “school’s beach” to see what was on the sand. So off we went…

When we got there the children soon exclaimed that they could see some silver seaweed shimmering on the sand and tangled and twined throughout the seaweed was a silky white ribbon.

We started to think about, discuss and write answers to:

Why is the seaweed silver?
Where has it come from?
Whose ribbon is it?

We had loads of fantastic ideas about magical kingdoms under the sea, sea monsters, sea wizards with magic spells etc etc. The children wondered whose ribbon it was. They thought it could belong to Lady Arabella or one of her maids, or a ribbon from Simon’s suit of armour or just a ribbon that had been coughed up by a sea monster.

Whilst writing the ideas several of the children shouted with excitement because under a half opened chest, they had found a tattered piece of paper, matching our message. They soon gathered everyone to look and we matched the piece to the rest of our message in a bottle. A perfect fit!!! It now read…

A clue you will find,
Washed up ashore,
Tangled and twined,
From her hair tore.

Suddenly we had lots of excited children who were ecstatic to predict that the ‘her’ was indeed Lady Arabella.

From this exciting piece of news, the children then used this in their own role play, small world play and independent writing within the Reception setting. We have been playing medieval banquets, writing menus and lists of the foods; describing the seascape using our senses and alliterative sentences; building castles / ships and drawing and labelling them; writing invitations to the role play castle; writing letters to Lady Arabella and to Simon.

Another busy and exciting week at SdeS! What has been your favourite part of the adventure so far?




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  1. Tilly has come to the conclusion that Lady Arabella is being held in the woods and that Simon is looking in the wrong place for her. Will he find her, will she ever come home?

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