Reception’s exciting mystery package

On our return from lunch today, we found a box that was chained and padlocked abandoned in the middle of the floor in the Reception corridor. Both Gruffalo and Simba classes gathered together to investigate our mystery package.

On close investigation the children noticed that the padlock didn’t have room for a key, but instead had numbers on dials that we could twist around. Lily said “My dad has one of those padlocks, you have to turn the numbers to the right code!”. Finlay then exclaimed that the box had numbered puzzles on it and that we should answer the questions in the correct order to crack the code and use it as the combination for the padlock. Phew! Thanks to Finlay’s smart problem solving, we had a solution to our problem!

We then had to read and then calculate the answers to the four number word puzzles that involved subtraction, doubling, halving and sharing. When we had practically solved the puzzles, we used the answers to crack the code. Excitedly we turned the dials to each number combination and then “click!”, the padlock sprang open!

Carefully we opened the box and looked inside. We found a picture of a red Superhero Cape with a yellow flash of lightning for the logo in the centre. Also there was a picture of some Superhero boots in the same design. Alongside these were some questions which we thought about and wrote down some ideas to… Who do you think I am? What is my Superhero name? What could my Superhero power be? Do I have a special friend to help me?

The last thing in the box was a message saying that each week the children would receive a Superhero Challenge that they must do! We’re really excited to find out what our first challenge will be.

What do you think could be our Superhero Challenge this week? Blog your reply to us.


5 thoughts on “Reception’s exciting mystery package

  1. Great idea!! No wonder kids love school these days, teaching methods are much better now:) I remember sitting on the chair all day and writing – it was so boring..

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