The week ahead…


As we have been enjoying some lovely sunshine and warmer weather, please remember that our active learners use our Foundation Stage outside area in all weathers. Could you please ensure that your child has his / her water bottle in school as we encourage the children to drink lots during the warmer weather. Also please make sure that your child has a named sun hat in school and that suncream is applied by yourselves, before coming to school as the staff are unable to apply suncream to the children. If you would like your child to reapply suncream during the school day, then please make sure your child knows how to apply it independently (generally I have found that the children manage the roll on suncreams the best as they struggle to push down the pump action ones and squeeze out too much of the bottle sorts) and keep the NAMED bottle in his / her bookbag. Also, please discuss with your child that they are not allowed to share suncream with another child due to possible allergies. In extreme heat, the children would only be allowed in the covered outside area so they are not in full sun.


We are continuing on with the work started last week for a lot of our numeracy and writing. Also, the children will be writing an invitation to you for a Superhero picnic that we will holding towards the end of our unit. This will be a Superhero dress up day for the children, but adults are welcome to dress up too!


Mrs Richards’ / Mrs Read’s phonics group – this group have now completed learning the Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds, so have been introduced to
Ph 2 – s/a/t/p/i/n/m/d/g/o/c/k/ck/e/u/r/h/b/f/ff/l/ll/ss
Ph 3 – j,v,w,x,y,z,zz,qu,ch,sh,th,ng ,ai,ee,igh,oa,oo,ar,or,ur,ow,oi,ear,air,ure,er

These children will be continuing with Phase 4. There are no new sounds taught in Phase 4, but time is spent consolidating all previous sounds and teaching the children to read and write words that have more sounds in them. We will be starting by adding another sound to extend words for example ‘pan’ add a t to make it ‘pant’, but as the phase progresses we will be learning harder words such as ‘flowerpot’ by sounding out using the known phase 2 and 3 sounds f l ow er p o t.

As there are no new sounds to help your child to learn, if you would like to support your child further at home, please go to the Letters and Sounds website and use some of the free downloadable Phase 4 Resources and games at Also, our Phase 4 booklet will be sent home with these children during the week explaining more about your child’s learning.

Miss Lowe’s phonics group – these children are continuing on with Phase 3 and will be learning the digraphs (two letters that make one sound) ai and ee. They will be using these sounds in reading and writing words such as ch ai n, sh ee p f ee t, r ai n.

Mrs Walton / Ms Birch’s phonics group – this group are continuing on with Phase 3 and will be learning the digraphs (two letters that make one sound) ur, ow and oi. They will be using these sounds in reading and writing words such as ch ur ch, f r ow n, c oi n.


During this week, we will continue on from last week’s work. We are spending time working with each child on a one to one basis. We are using this time to personalise the learning and teach each child individually to work on specific targets or misconceptions to enable each child to develop new number / problem solving skills. As discussed at parents evening, you can use the Early Learning Goal handout to help support your child further at home. We are also working on number problems involving doubling, halving and sharing.

Kinetic Letters

We have now learnt the correct formation for all lower case letters, all numbers 0-9 and some capital letters. We will be continuing to rehearse what we have learnt so far and this week we will also learn the correct formation for capitals W, X, Z, K and Y. All numbers and all capital letters start from Brave Bounce Monkey’s branch.


Our writing focus continues on from last week and we will be writing about Superheroes. We will be using adjectives to describe the Superheroes and verbs to say how they travel. We will continue to focus on sounding out spellings, using a capital letter at the start of a sentence and for names of people and places, use of a full stop at the end of a sentence and using finger spaces between words. As mentioned above, we will also be writing invitations, so look out for these in bookbags towards the end of the week.

Forest School

This week it is the turn for Gruffalo class to go to Forest school. Please send your child with appropriate clothing for the weather forecast. Eg sun hat if the lovely weather continues.

Have a lovely week!

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  1. Blake would just like to leave a comment as last weekend he has learnt a new skill. I can ride my bike without my stabilizers!

  2. Key-Skills ~ I have been enjoying our superhero topic this term, my favourite part so far is my busy bee superhero jobs! Superheroes are my favourite

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