Superhero vehicle – Home Learning

Thank you all for completing your Home Learning and designing and making a vehicle for a Superhero!

We have had great fun using ramps to test them and have learned lots in the process…

We discussed making it a fair test, having everything the same, same height on the ramps, same surface on the ramps and on the ground.

We then decided how to measure the distance. Some children said to use the tape measure, others said we could use the metre rulers. Some children said we could “use the blocky things” – to put them down next to the cars and count them. All valid ways that we could measure distance in a standardised way. We all decided in the end to use the tape measure so we could compare results of all the different groups and work out an overall winner.

To find out how fast the cars were travelling we discussed that we would have to use the timer or the stopwatch.

We discussed how we would find out who came 1st and 2nd, and where 3rd place would come. We also discussed how to record the answers, some children suggested writing and drawing, others said we could record it on the iPad or camera so we could watch it again.

Gruffalo class overall winning vehicle was made by Alex. Well done Alex!

Tomorrow we will find out the winner of Simba class and we hope to have one final race to determine the Reception overall winner.


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