#NPATEK Reception African workshops

We have had some very exciting workshop sessions to learn about Africa. Yesterday Reception had an African drumming workshop where we learnt about the drums and how to drum a rhythm. We also learnt how to make the music tell a story with fast drumming for dancing, keeping a beat for foot steps and scratching the drum skin for birds flying. We had great fun racing each other playing a rhythm down lots of drums – even the grown ups were competitive! (See Russell the Explorer from the film ‘Up’ – aka Miss Birch in the photos).

Later in the day we had an African story telling workshop. The visitors told us two African tales and we learnt about a moral to a story. We were also shown different African artefacts. We compared a school bag that African children may use to our explorer backpacks.

Today some of the Year 5 children worked with Gruffalo class to do some story whooshes (drama technique) with African tales. The Reception children loved working with the older children and the Year 5 were very professional in their teaching! After the session, the Year 5 children asked the Reception children to evaluate the sessions. We loved the drama, the use of resources and “working with the big children”. To improve it even more, the recreation children suggested using the school stage and using the “big hall stage lights”. Well done Year 5 and thank you!





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