#NPATEK Scorched Plains

We have been learning lots about the Scorched Plains of Africa by watching video clips, listening to stories and looking in information books.

This week the children have been painting pictures of animals that can be found on the scorched plains, and have been talking about what they look like, sound like, how they behave and what they eat.






The children had to think carefully about which colours they needed to mix using the powder paint for their animal, and the details they could add to their paintings.

Can you remember the names of any of the animals that might live on the Scorched Plains?

We also listened to a story called ‘Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain’ by Verna Aardema, which helped us to think more about the environment and weather in the Scorched Plains of Africa.


Next week we will be thinking about what we want to find out more about and thinking of our own questions about the Scorched Plains. The children will then be using information books and the Internet to try and find the answers to their questions.

Have a think before you come to school on Monday, what do you want to know more about the Scorched Plains of Africa?

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