#NPATEK Reception Research

Reception have been working hard this week to find answers to their questions about Africa by using non-fiction books and the Internet. In small groups they created information posters with their individual questions and answers and relevant photos they found online.
The children then presented their work to the rest of the class so that we could all learn more about Africa.

All of the children asked questions relating to animals and we found out some very interesting facts.


Did you know……..

A cheetah can run as fast as Mummy and Daddy’s car on the motorway, upto 70mph.

Elephants walk so slowly because they are very very heavy. They squirt water from their trunks to have a wash, and throw dirt and mud on their backs like sun cream.

Lions have big thick manes to protect their necks when fighting, and can roar so loudly that another lion 5 miles away could hear them.

Giraffes have such long necks so that they can eat the leaves at the top of a tree.

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