Reception adventure … Staying for lunch

We were so proud of our Reception children today as they took two more leaps into independent learning. First they started the day by entering the Reception setting without the help of parents… Many thanks mums, dads, childminders / carers for developing your child’s confidence. We know it’s often difficult as parents to stand back and enable your child to grow as an individual, but the pride of the children in the classrooms this morning spoke volumes about their journey of independence.

Secondly, all of the Reception children stayed at school for lunches today. They followed instructions beautifully and were a credit to you all as their behaviour in the dinner hall was outstanding! All of this week the Reception staff will stay in the hall with the children whilst they get used to the routines and will assist with helping the lovely Lunchtime supervisors as they get to know the children. You could help at home by talking to your child about what foods to eat first and also by helping your child to learn to cut up foods and to spread butter. We will also be focussing on these skills during Reception snack time as we will encourage the children to use plastic knives to spread butter / jam / cream cheese and also cut soft fruits such as bananas into portions before eating – fun, but practical too!

Looking forward to seeing all the children again for another great day tomorrow.



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