Reception trip to West Lodge

Reception had a fantastic day at West Lodge! The weather was dry, sunny and mild; the children were fantastically well behaved and the activities were amazing!

First we saw the farm animals and then participated in a ‘live’ Nativity play where the farmer chose 24 children to dress up and act out the scenes whilst the rest of the children played instruments and sang the Christmas songs between each scene.

After lunch we split into three groups and rotated around three activities.
1) The children were able to design their own Christmas card. I’m still brushing glitter out of my hair now!
2) We had a lovely stroll through a twinkling wonderland of lights. Whilst in there we paused to read a set of instructions and each child made a little bag of magic reindeer food to sprinkle outside their house on Christmas Eve to give the reindeer the energy to fly to the next house.
3) A visit to Santa who checked his list on more than one occasion to check that the children were on his ‘nice’ list. I reassured him that all of the children work very hard at school and that we’re proud of them! He then spoke to each child and asked what they would like as a gift for Christmas. The children spoke clearly and were very polite and remembered to say “Thank you” when he gave each of them a small gift. As we left Santa’s workshop he called me back and complimented the children on their behaviour and listening skills. Another proud moment as a teacher of children from Simon de Senlis!

The day was rounded off with a visit to the outside play equipment before getting onto the coach and school minibus to get back to school. The children (and staff and parent helpers) were all exhausted after a busy day in the fresh air. Quite a few children fell asleep on the coach on the way home and I’m sure the adults will sleep well tonight and will probably dream of counting children and making sure that everyone was safe.

Thank you to the parent helpers who gave up their day to help make the day a success and thank you to Mrs Read who organised the whole trip.

Well done Reception children, we’re proud of how you behaved on your very first school trip!



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