Festive Artwork

Reception children have been busily making cards and calendars to share with their families…

The children have made a card using twigs that they collected at Forest School. Each child ordered their twigs in size order from shortest to longest and decided upon the best way to attach them to the lolly stick and card to make them look like a tree. Inside the card each child chose who in their family they would like to write the card to (writing for a purpose). We were amazed at how many family pets will be receiving cards this year! The children used their Kinetic Letters to write in the cards and signed their card with their name.

In art we have been learning how to use tools appropriately to mix paint. This is a very important skill for artists as it’s very difficult to mix powder paint with water to get the right consistency (like creamy yoghurt). (This is an important skill that the children will use further up the school when they use water colours). We then practised our colour mixing and blending skills by representing the seasons and things we may see. (Spring = green buds and pink blossom dabbed onto the paper, Summer = the warm sunny colours painted in Kandinsky style concentric circles, Autumn = browns, oranges and yellows to represent the leaves on the ground and Winter = the cold colours in zigzags to represent the ice). These have been framed in a window to symbolise looking out at the changing seasons.


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